Welcome to Life Yoga Studio.....

Thank you for choosing Life Yoga Studio to meet all your wellness needs! Getting started with us is simple. 

New Students

1. Try our our Free Week Unlimited Trial package and get to know us, build a habit and set goals! Please follow the prompts to create an account. Please download the app "Wellness Living Acheive" (the purple one) from your app store for convenient booking.


Yoga Consultation

2. Book a Complimentary Yoga Consultation and we will help you determine which classes are best suited for you and your level. This is also a great opportunity to learn the benefits of yoga from one of our certified instructors. We will have you feeling confident about starting your new journey as a Yogi!

Get Your Gear

3. Yoga clothes are traditionally fitted for ladies to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. You can get yoga clothes from Walmart to Lululemon and anything in between! The possibilites are endless and depend on your personal preference and budget. Men usually wear shorts and a t-shirt. Yoga is a barefoot practice. We ask you to please bring socks and a mask with you to the studio during the pandemic and remove them once you are sitting on your mat.

Yoga Props are very helpful to have and are strongly recommended by us for the safety of all of our students. We have arranged a Yoga Prop Bundle with our supplier to give you the best price and high quality props. We have bundles with or without yoga mats.

Book Your Class

4. Log in to your account through the Wellness Living Achieve (purple) app. Find the schedule and book your classes!

Come To Class

5. Please arrive no more than 5 mins early. Life Yoga Studio Milton is located right about the Euromax. Entrance is on the Right side (South side) of the building. During the pandemic, please have your mask on before entering building. Go up the stairs and to the end of the hall and the studio will be on your left hand side. Please make sure to remove shoes and wear your socks and mask until you roll out your mat and have a seat. Then you can safely remove your mask and socks. The instructor will approach you and check you in.

Enjoy Your Practice!

Remember. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us at 905-749-5433 or email at

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