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Welcome to
Life Yoga Studio Milton

Hello New Friend! Our main goal at Life Yoga Studio is to make sure you have fun with your practice. We are all talented, fun instructors that will show you how to enjoy yoga with a light heart. You will see results fast, feel your best and enjoy life a little more with every yoga class you do! Here is some information on how you can get started with us.

Introductory Package - 2 Weeks Unlimited!

We have something super awesome for you! How does 2 weeks of Unlimited Yoga sound?! We've put together a special package for all of our new students to try us out with no strings attached so that you can fall in love with our yoga studio on your own terms. This introductory package is on special for $39! Click button below to register.

Why Yoga?

Because Yoga is freaking AWESOME thats why! Beginner to advanced, Yoga is a well rounded practice that involves not only getting in shape physically, but more importantly, mentally and spiritually. Often times we don't stick to a new fitness routine because most don't nourish your soul like yoga does. With the help of our wonderful instructors, you can expect not only physical fitness, but a new awareness of the world around us, how we process our emotions (stress, anxiety, etc) and more internal joy which will have you feeling your best with a regular practice. The physical fitness is a welcome side effect! Your relationships will improve with a new mindset and awareness. These relationships include the relationship you have with yourself, your family, your coworkers and anyone else in your life. Our studio is regular temperature and has all of the same benefits of hot yoga with less health risks. A Milton residents favourite... you are welcome!

Lets Chat! Optional Yoga Consultation

We would love to hear from you! You can book a Complimentary Yoga Consultation and we can work together to find classes that are best suited for you based on your needs and practice level. We can talk about what you need to start yoga and teach you about our different class types. This is also a great opportunity to learn the benefits of yoga from one of our certified instructors. We will have you feeling confident about starting your new journey as a Yogi! 

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What Should I Wear?

Don't let those Instagram models freak you out when it comes to Yoga Gear. Yoga is very casual. You can wear yoga clothes from Lululemon or you can wear yoga clothes from Winners and even Walmart. For ladies, we suggested either fitted shirts/tanks or something that can be securely tucked into your bottoms. There are dynamic movements so its best to not risk your shirt flying over your head! For gentleman, the trend is gym clothes. A t-shirt and shorts will do you good. You will also need a yoga mat. You can find mats here or you can check Winners or Walmart. Yoga is a barefoot practice. That means, no shoes in the studio. You can wear your socks through the studio and remove once you are on your mat.

I'm a Beginner. What classes do I take?

First and Foremost - DON'T WORRY! We've got your back and will make this transition into yoga as seamless as possible for you. Classes are 45-60 mins long. We always suggest you try out our workshop-style class called "Beginners Yoga". This is not a typical yoga class. In this class we talk, ask questions and go over basic yoga poses. We teach you how a typical yoga class will flow so that you are prepared for your first real class with us. We have other great options for Beginners that include:

Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga

Zen Stretch

Restorative Yoga

Beginners Yoga

You can find these classes and more on our schedule and see what works best for you!

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How do I get in the studio? 

We are located at 61 James Snow Pkwy in beautiful Milton, Ontario. This is the plaza near 401/James Snow Pkwy just North of Main Street. There is a Gas station, Starbucks, McDonalds and Timmys. We are right about the Euromax Deli. To access the second floor, take the tasteful door that is on the South side of the building to the second floor by either stairs or elevator. We are located on the right side about halfway down the hallway. If you cant find us, give us a call and we will help you. Cant wait to see you!!

We are here to answer any questions you have and we look very forward to welcoming you to our beautiful 1600 sq feet facility and join us in Yoga at our beautiful Milton, ON yoga studio! p. 1-647-559-5433

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