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Start your Yoga Journey Life Yoga in, Milton, Ontario




Exciting news! How about 15 Days of unlimited yoga? We've crafted a special $33 New Student Pass for our new students, no strings attached. Join our community! Click below to register.

Start your Yoga Journey Life Yoga in, Milton, Ontario

Life Yoga Studio is welcoming, spacious and has all the props you need for your practice. With a number of beginner and intermediate daytime, evening and weekend classes available (and virtual option too) there's enough variety for me to stay consistent and motivated. The teachers are helpful, thoughtful and friendly. I've been happily enjoying the benefits of Life Yoga for 6+ months and have felt a positive difference both physically and mentally.


Start your Yoga Journey Life Yoga in, Milton, Ontario

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a fitness journey like no other. It has profound effects on your nervous system, stretches your body and dramatically reduces pain and stress in the body while building strength, agility and flexibility. From newbie to pro, it offers physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Why do many abandon other fitness routines? They don't satisfy this well rounded approach like Yoga does. The gyms become repetitive and boring and intense cardio can aggravate many conditions. Our instructors guide you toward both physical fitness and a deeper connection with yourself and the world. The result? Enhanced self-awareness, better handling of emotions, and improved relationships in your life. Yoga is a Milton favourite – come experience it in our Award Winning studio! Voted Best Business by the Milton Chamber of Commerce. We have both heated & non-heated classes available. Join our community and make new friends!

  • What Should I Wear?
    Don't stress over Instagram-perfect yoga attire. Yoga's about comfort. Whether you're in Lululemon or Walmart gear, it's all good. Ladies, choose fitted tops or ones that tuck in to avoid unexpected reveals. Gentlemen, gym clothes like tees and shorts are perfect. Don't forget a yoga mat, we sell GREAT ones. And remember, yoga is a barefoot journey - no shoes in the studio. Feel free to wear socks until you're on your mat.
  • I'm a Beginner. What classes do I take?
    First and Foremost - DON'T WORRY! We've got your back and will make this transition into yoga as seamless as possible for you. Classes are 45-60 mins long. We always suggest you try out our workshop-style class called "Beginners Yoga". This is not a typical yoga class. In this class we talk, ask questions and go over basic yoga poses. We teach you how a typical yoga class will flow so that you are prepared for your first real class with us. We have other great options for Beginners that include: ​ Hatha Yoga Yin Yoga Zen Stretch Restorative Yoga Beginners Yoga ​ You can find these classes and more on our schedule and see what works best for you!
  • How do I get in the studio? 
    Check out our studio tour video below! We are located at 61 James Snow Pkwy in beautiful Milton, Ontario. This is the plaza near 401/James Snow Pkwy just North of Main Street. There is a Gas station, Starbucks, McDonalds and Tim Horton's. We are right above the Euromax Deli. To access the second floor, take the door that is on the South side of the building to the second floor by either stairs or elevator. We are located on the right side about halfway down the hallway. If you can't find us, give us a call and we will help you. Below is a little video we put together so you can find your way. So excited to see you!!
  • How do I put a hold on my membership?
    To place a hod on your membership, please email to make your request. Remember, holds up to one week every 6 months. for more information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Sad to see you go! All membership cancellations must be submitted in writing (typing) to Remember, we require 30 days cancellation notice per the Terms & Conditions listed here:
  • Do you have Hot Yoga Classes?
    We do! We have Heated Yoga Classes throughout the week in addition to our trademark Regular temperature classes. Check out our schedule to see when we have them. All heated classes will have the word "Heated" before the style of class so its easy to find!
Start your Yoga Journey Life Yoga in, Milton, Ontario



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