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Ashtanga yoga is near and dear to Life Yoga Studio Milton. It is part of our lineage of teachings. Ashtanga is founded by Sri. Pattabi Jois and is a set sequence of fow & poses which evolve into 6 Series building on each other. You will enjoy the half Primary Ashtanga Series on our regular schedule. It is appropriate for Modern to Advanced students. 


The Journey of the Ashtanga Half Primary Series

Strengthening and Balancing the Body

The primary series is intended, among other benefits, to strengthen the muscles and balance the opposing muscle groups within every joint. The consolidation of these aspects leads to improved posture, resilience, and an overall sense of physical fortitude. 

 Intentional Movement by Building Dicipline

Practicing Ashtanga Yoga requires regular engagement on the mat to achieve proficiency. This consistency fosters discipline and sincerity, invaluable traits that enhance various facets of life.

A Profound Mind-Body Connection

Although the postures are demanding, Ashtanga Yoga welcomes anyone open to holistic transformation, beyond physical limitations. With consistent practice, you'll significantly improve in strength and flexibility, discovering your body's amazing potential.

The benefits of the Half Primary Series

Ashtanga Yoga, or "eight-limbed yoga," follows Patanjali's teachings. It features six series of poses within its asana method, alongside practices for breath control, sensory regulation, meditation, and achieving complete liberation of mind, body, and spirit.


Dynamic Postures that build strength and flexibility.


 Dedicated Breathing Practice which aids in detoxification and improves focus.


Internal Heat Generation that promotes a purifying sweat.

Ashtanga  Yoga class Milton, Ontario


Enhanced physical vitality and stamina.


Improved mental clarity and concentration.


Deepened mind-body connection.


Learn, Grow, and Thrive With Every Session

Start your Ashtanga Half Primary Series today. Practicing this sequence regularly can gradually improve your yoga skills and make you feel better overall. It's for anyone who's ready to commit to an unforgettable yoga experience, inviting you to connect more deeply with your body, breath, and beyond.

The Half Primary Series provides a set series of postures which will give you a place to grow and evolve the whole Ashtanga yoga experience, realizing your endless potential.

Your Dedicated Yoga Studio in Milton, Ontario.

Committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere, Life Yoga Studio aims to enrich the local community with yoga. We provide a variety of classes designed for participants across all levels of experience. Join us today and enjoy your first class experience at Milton's Award Winning Yoga Studio.

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