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Capturing the inviting warmth of the sun in a vibrant room, the Heated Sun Flow class at Life Yoga Studio invites you to explore heated yoga in a lower intensity than our Heated Sun Flow. Great if you are just starting out your Heated Yoga journey.

The Heated Yoga Class that Amplifies Your Relaxation

Physical Rejuvenation

The controlled warmth facilitates the safe expansion of your muscles, enhancing your flexibility. Each pose and transition in the Heated Sun Flow sequences encourages a deep stretch, promoting a healthy range of motion and improving your fitness.

Mental Relaxation

The heat acts as a catalyst for mental clarity. It encourages the release of endorphins, the body's natural mood elevators, which can ease the mind and reduce stress. The focus required in maintaining your practice hones your concentration and mindfulness, leading to an overall well being.

Spiritual Connection 

Breath synchrony in the heated environment is conducive to inner exploration and self-reflection. The class fosters a connection with the present moment, the foundation of any meaningful spiritual practice, allowing you to practice with intention and heartfulness.

Benefits of Heated Sun Flow Yoga

The Heated Sun Flow sequence is designed to guide you through a balanced combination of postures that will gently raise your heart rate and activate energy flow within the heated room.


Gentle, Manageable Heat: Perfect for those new to heated yoga or looking for a less intense heat.


Soothing for Mind & Body: Creates a soothing environment, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Heated Sun Flow Yoga class Milton, Ontario


Enhanced Flexibility: The warmth helps to safely deepen stretches and increase range of motion.


Community Spirit: Join a warm community of fellow yoga enthusiasts passionate about well-being.


Learn, Grow, and Thrive With Every Session

Life Yoga Studio invites you to discover our Heated Sun Flow class. This unique blend of gentle yoga and meditative ambiance offers far-reaching benefits for your health and inner balance. It's an opportunity to explore and challenge your body in a safe, nurturing environment while basking in the illuminating warmth that will remind you of the sun.

Your Dedicated Yoga Studio in Milton, Ontario.

Committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere, Life Yoga Studio aims to enrich the local community with yoga. We provide a variety of classes designed for participants across all levels of experience. Join us today and enjoy your first class experience at Milton's Award Winning Yoga Studio.

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