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Yoga with Free Weights program is tailor-made for those who want to combine the serenity of yoga with the intensity of a strength-training workout . Condition muscles and get your heart pumping. All levels welcome.


Discover a New Way to Get Lean Through Yoga

Enhanced Strength and Muscle Tone

The integration of lightweight dumbbells or resistance bands in yoga postures can take the muscle engagement to the next level. The added weight encourages deeper muscle activation and helps to sculpt and define, giving yogis the strength and toning they might not typically expect from a yoga session.

Increased Calories Burned

Combining the practice of yoga with the high-energy push from free weights increases the workout's overall intensity, resulting in a higher calorie burn. It can be a great addition to a weight management regimen, providing variety that can help break through plateaus and keep the body adapting.

Improved Balance and Stability

The use of free weights can enhance fundamental aspects of yoga, such as balance and stability. By integrating weights, practitioners must focus on control and concentration, making the usual balancing postures even more challenging and rewarding.

The Benefits of Weight Enhanced Yoga

Yoga with Free Weights the Yoga class that brings

strength training's power and yoga's poise experience together.


Calorie Scorcher: Melt away the stress and the calories with dynamic movements designed to raise your metabolism and energy.


Muscle Tone Mastery: Define and tone every muscle with targeted weight exercises that complement each yoga pose.

Yoga with Weights class Milton, Ontario


Sleek & Strong Arms: Transform your biceps, triceps, and shoulders into canvases of strength and poise.


Balance & Flexibility: Enhance not just your physical but also mental balance with yoga that calms the mind and challenges the body.


Learn, Grow, and Thrive With Every Session

Begin your yoga journey today with Yoga with Free Weights, a combo of classic yoga and strength training. This mix brings together the mental and physical perks of both practices in one exciting workout.


If you want to spice up your yoga routine and try something new for your fitness regimen, Yoga with Free Weights is the way to go. It's a great way to push yourself, boost your overall well-being, and keep your fitness plan balanced.

Your Dedicated Yoga Studio in Milton, Ontario.

Committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere, Life Yoga Studio aims to enrich the local community with yoga. We provide a variety of classes designed for participants across all levels of experience. Join us today and enjoy your first class experience at Milton's Award Winning Yoga Studio.

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