Treatment Fatigue, Its a REAL Thing!

It's real and it happens to most of us, so sadly, you aren't alone. You have recently been made aware by your healthcare practitioner that something is off balance and you need to tend to it in order to assist your body's healing. You are prescribed active relaxation exercises, workouts, lifestyle changes, nutritional advice and you also get a list of a, b, c, vitamins and 1, 2, 3, herbs. You run to the health food store and you successfully find everything you need! "Yes! I'm ready to take on this imbalance and I'm heading in the direction of healing." Everything is going great. You have extra pep in your step and you are feeling accomplished for following this regime and taking control of your health.

Then life kicks in. Doses are forgotten, exercises are missed and "ooops I ate Mcdonalds." Then you spiral, feeling horrible because of your food choices, wondering why you can't get it together enough to take the supplements and move your butt. Then the resentment kicks in and you see others around you enjoying their lives and not worrying about taking supplements, exercising or nutrition.

Enter Treatment Fatigue.

It's not what you think, it's much less complicated.....

The good news is you are on the right path and with a little recalibration of your perception and you will get that pep back in your step in no time! When I fall into this cycle I stick to a few principles that makes life easier.


Acceptance and self-love are typically at the root of your success to not getting Treatment Fatigue. Accept that this treatment is temporary. Usually about 2-3 months give or take.

Here’s how to do it in 4 steps:

1. Take What You Can, When You Can

This might come as a shock, but your body doesn't know it specifically needs X amount of pills at exactly Y time. Sure we have dosing that is proven to be optimal but that can be difficult on sub-optimal days. If you are late a dose or have skipped one, shake it off and continue treatment in a safe way. I like to ask an Herbalist or Naturopath "what happens if I miss a dose or if I accidentally take 2 doses close together?". I generally like to have all my grounds covered. See? No stress!

2. Establish a Routine & Have a Back Up Plan

I got these funky little BPA-free containers from Dollarama that I use when I'm out and about and let me tell you they are a lifesaver! They make bringing my supplements around so much more convenient. Any small container will do. Another trick is to plan around when you will be out and shift your dosing schedule a bit. It really doesn't need to be complicated. The trick is to just plan a little.

3. Realize It's Not The End of The World

So you forgot a day of supplements, went off routine and forgot to use your back-up plan. It's totally ok! You know why? Because you came this far. All that stress about missing doses and workouts is interfering with your progress. See, the beauty of herbs & supplements, is that they assist your body's healing mechanisms. Meaning if you are lacking vitamin B, then you supplement with vitamin B, your body's healing response kicks in and, voila! Energy is back and you are feeling better. So if you are on the right path and have come this far, chill out if you steer off. One thing that keeps me going, is that less than half the population of North America uses functional medicine approach to healing and I'm already ahead of the game.

4. Remember Your "Why"

Truth be told I used to roll my eyes at this one. Knowing your "why" is crucial to your success and really for any goal. You need to understand and know why you are doing what you are doing because that is what pushes you through the hard times. What is your why? That's all personal. It's tied in with where you are in your life. If you are a single mother on a single income, you kids and your financial freedom are usually your 'why' and good health is at the root of everything meaningful in your life. A body in ease and not dis-ease is productive, functional and will be your vehicle through life.

Alia Allaway, E-RYT 500

Natural Health Herbalista, Owner & Director of award-winning Life Yoga Studio

Mom of one super boy & 3 cats named after the Flintstones

In a love-hate relationship with Pecan Butter Tarts

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