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At Life Yoga Studio, the safety of our Instructors and Students is Paramount.

Here are some of the measures we are taking to ensure it:

  • Please do not attend the studio for at least 5 days after domestic & international travel

  • If you are feeling ill in anyway, please do not attend the studio until you have been symptom free for minimum 1 week

  • Please do not attend the studio if you have been in a group gathering of 50+ within the last 5 days

  • The studio is disinfected and mopped very frequently

  • Classes are capped at 10 students 

  • Sanitizers will be available but it is preferred you bring your own to prevent cross contamination

  • There is an air purifier running during all classes


  • Props and equipment are regularly washed and disinfected

Remember. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us at 905-749-5433 or email at

"I am so grateful to be back in studio with Emi and other lovely members of our amazing little yoga community. I felt safe and secure. I felt that Emi and all participants were careful and conscientious and respectful of each other. No doubt I speak for others when I say that I order to keep this hard-earned privilege, we are prepared to do all that is necessary to keep it.

I appreciate the extra cleaning and measures that you and your instructors are undertaking."

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